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Last Updated: 9/18/2014

Hello everyone, remember little ol'me?

It has been, without a doubt, too long that I have been away. I never really fell out of love with my site or my goal to diaper cute images of anime boys, cleaning up the nasty smut out there on the interwebs, and I have in no way fallen out of love with all of you, my friends and fans. It still somewhat humbles me to see that, even after the time that has passed, I still have loyal members and "check-in'ers" that still keep the message board clinging to life. RL has taken several tolls on me in the years passed, some good and some bad, but throughout everything, I always wanted, always kicked myself, always hoped to start back up and do some more editing, even if it will be on my spare time.

I do hope to ramp up production once again, however, I would not expect anyone to hold their breath for regular daily or weekly updates. I intend to take it slow, work my way back into it, hopefully try and improve and be a little more available once again..

Those that have stuck around, I am amazed and thank you for keeping my torch lit. For those that find their way back, I want to welcome you back and apologise for leaving you wanting for so long. And for those that are new, I hope you find yourselves among friends in this tiny community!